ALT 210/50(F)


ALT 210/50(F)

Aerial Lift Tester


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Features and Benefits

The ALT-210/50 and ALT-210/50F from our ALT Series of field portable AC hipot test sets are primarily designed for testing the dielectric strength of aerial lifts, booms, bucket trucks and liners per the ANSI 92.2 standard. With a continuously adjustable AC voltage, 2 range voltmeter, multi range current meter and built in timer, the ALT Series are also a great choice for a pass/fail, AC over-voltage withstand testing on larger capacitive loads such as switchgear, buss duct or other substation apparatus. A gapped core transformer for up to 7 kVA of output power with the draw of 3.5 kVA so the hipot can be powered by a 30A, 120Vac or 15A, 230Vac input. For lower power requirements please see our PFT Series and ABT Series. For higher power requirements see our FPA, HPA and PAR lines.

  • Secondary connected 2 Range Voltmeter: 0-20/50kV & 0-80/210kV
  • 2 Range Current Meter: 0-250uA and 0-1.0mA with x1, x10, x100 multipliers
  • Full 7kVA, 50kV tap for bucket liner testing
  • Fixed overload set to 120% of variable transformer rated output current
  • Transit protected meters prevent meter damage between test sites
  • Guard/Ground circuit for accurate leakage current measurement
  • Gapped core transformer design for capacitive load compensation
  • Zero Start and External safety Interlock provisions


Optional Accessories

Hand & Foot Safety Switches

  • PN 90-405
  • PN 90-410

Safety Ground Sticks

  • 10 inch PN 88-113
  • 14 inch PN 88-150


Optional Upgrades

  • Digital Metering – Add Suffix “D”
  • Secondary Capacitance
  • Cancellation Circuit – PN 90-225