Aerial Lift Tester



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The PTS-100U is a CE marked portable DC Hipot equipped with a 50 foot (6 meter) long output cable which is perfect for the dielectric withstand testing of aerial lifts and bucket liners up to 100kV DC per the ASNI 92.2 Standard. The PTS-100U is equipped with a 5-range current meter scaled 0 – 1 dc microamps for accurate current measurement down to a 10 nanoamp resolution in the x1 range. Using the alternate scale on the current meter allows the PTS Series to double as a Megohmmeter, scaled 100-1 megohms, insulation resistance can be taken at any voltage. An accurate 2 range voltmeter rounds out the standard instrumentation. Additional features include ruggedized anti-static and transit protected meters, 2-piece design with foam padded handles, full-wave bridge rectifier, and internal shorting solenoid with discharge resistors. For other voltage options, please see the rest of our PTS Series which range from 37.5kV to 600kV DC. See our DBT series for bench-top options.

  • 20 foot (6 meter) shielded output cable, ground and return leads
  • 5 range current/megohm meter for accurate leakage current measurement
  • Megohm readings at any output voltage
  • Full-wave bridge rectifier
  • Internal HV Shorting Solenoid with discharge resistors
  • Automatic transit protected meters
  • External safety and zero start interlocks
  • 14 inch safety ground stick

For testing that requires DC voltage, the PTS-100U(F) is a CE marked DC hipot and megohmmeter for testing the dielectric strength and insulation resistance of electric insulation such as cable, switchgear, motors, transformer, insulators, generators and other electrical apparatus. With the included 50 ft output cable, this instrument is capable of testing large booms on aerial lifts per the ANSI 92.1 Standard.