Heat Flow Sensor Z2012 to Z2019


Choose from 4 Sizes, Waterproof Heat Flow Sensors that can Measure Curved Surfaces

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The Z2012 to Z2019 are waterproof and flexible heat flow sensors for Hioki Heat Flow Logger LR8432. The flexibility enables you to measure even rounded objects such as piping that could not be measured properly before. In addition, you can measure objects that were impossible to isolate for measurement before, for example the surfaces of small parts and narrow gaps.


Key Features

• SS size ideal for measurement of small parts such as electronic parts

• Measure the movement and volume of heat energy with Model LR8432 Heat Flow Logger

• Waterproof heat flow sensor that can measure curved surfaces (Minimum radius of sensor curvature 30 mm (1.18 in))

• Isolation of heat generated and dissipated in automotive parts

• Evaluate the thermal performance of building materials

• Measure the energy efficiency of consumer electronics

• Study the impact of body heat

• Index temperature fluctuation in agriculture and civil engineering