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Auto Loading Feeder

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The Yamaha SMT Innovation: ALF (Auto Loading Feeder). The auto-loading function of this feeder makes tape-loading a simple process that can be used by anyone and anywhere for feeding of tape parts. The advantage of ALF is the high-speed tape-loading time of approximately 5 seconds.


Features of ALF

  • Revolutionizes feeding tape components by eliminating reliance on user skill
  • Any operator to easily supply tape components by merely inserting the tape, all without stopping the machine
  • Yamaha’s unique center-open system, which eliminates the need to remove the top tape, reduces pick-up errors due to static peeling charge and fuzz
  • Yamaha-exclusive tape setting mechanism that extends towards the operator to simplify tape setting and a mechanism that allows for two reels to be set at once on the feeder greatly improves ease of use for the operator