Mounter Sigma F8S


Premium Modular

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The SIGMA Σ-F8S is the premium modular mounter that achieves an effective 5% placement-tact improvement on average and greater productivity compared to the previous version F8, and with its improved mounting accuracy, this new model is also capable of handling the extremely small-sized 0201 (0.25 x 0.125 mm) chip (PCB size) components. The SIGMA Σ-F8S caters to various components with its rotary head design based on the Yamaha “1-head solution” mounting concept.


Features of SIGMA Σ-F8S

  • The “1-head solution” rotary placement head provides speed, versatility and high operating ratio
  • The super loading feeder totally innovates components supply tasks!
  • Fastest speed in its class! Produces 150,000 CPH with 4 beams & 4 heads.
  • Direct drive head gives high speed & high accuracy