Mounter Sigma G5S II


Premium Modular

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The SIGMA Σ-G5S II premium modular mounter with 2 beams and 2 heads improves productivity up to 20% compared to the previous version G5, at high placement speed of 90,000 CPH. The SIGMA Σ-G5S II caters to various components with its rotary placement head design based on our “1-head solution” concept.


Features of SIGMA Σ-G5S II

  • Two new placement head types in an evolution of the “1-head solution” to achieve high productivity: Accommodates super-small 0201 (0.25 x 0.125 mm) size components and large components
  • Extended detection range of components held for better mounting quality
  • Larger internal buffer size to reduce feeding loss with large PCBs
  • Further detail revisions and refinements for added reliability
  • Compatibility with previous models