Mounter YSM40R


Ultra-High-Speed Modular

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The YSM40R is Yamaha’s high-density modular mounter machine. The YSM40R is the solution for the ever-shortening product cycle requirements for further improvements in productivity and mounting quality in mass production. Yamaha Motor has developed the ultra-high-speed assembly module YSM40R to achieve more productivity with the adoption of the ultra-high-speed RS placement head and also the compatibility with mounting 0201 mm miniature chips, all within the compact size of the high-density module YSM40R.


Features of YSM40R

  • Combines both high speed & flexibility into one compact placement system
  • 200,000 CPH optimum conditions (140.000 CPH IPC9850) super high-speed productivity!
  • Available in 3-head variations
  • Machine width of 1 meter
  • Nonstop operation during setups/changeovers and nonstop production when using along with ZS feeder