Mounter Z:LEX YSM20WR


High-efficiency Modular

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The Z:LEX YSM20WR is the high-efficiency SMT assembly modular mounter that is No. 1 in speed of its class, and it caters effectively to a wide range of production processes. With its modular parts, this mounting solution has limitless expansion capabilities. The Z:LEX YSM20R with its ideal functionality of high placement speed mounting and highest versatility is the perfect pick & place machine for all printed circuit boards (PCB).


Features of Z:LEX YSM20WR

  • Surface mount device caters effectively to a wide range of production processes – it is also the world’s fastest in its class
    Note: components mounting speed (CPH) for a surface mounter with the 2-beam, 2-head layout. Based on Yamaha survey as at May 2014.
  • The “1-head solution” aims to deliver an ideal mounter that provides both high speed and versatility!
  • Wide support capability turns the concept of “limitless expansion” into a reality!
  • Numerous functions to support high-quality mounting are included as standard features
  • Feeders and supply devices offering a high degree of freedom