SMD Storage System YST15


Intelligent SMD Storage System

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The YST15 Intelligent SMD (Surface Mount Devices) Storage Systems has been launched in order to save labor in the supply of SMD components for surface mount processes. Yamaha launched the YST15 Intelligent SMD Storage System, that can manage a maximum of 1,500 reels and load/unload 36 reels in one batch. At the meantime, it includes humidity control for highest quality of SMD Storage Systems


Features of YST15

  • SMD tower system with achieved automation of storage and refill management for surface mounter components can now monitor a maximum of 1,500 reels and load and unload a maximum of 36 reels in one batch
  • Vastly boosts efficiency by cutting down on the time and trouble for component supply
  • Smart component and refill functions
  • Compound effect from linking different functions helps cut work task losses