Bare Board Tester 1232


High-Precision Batch Fixture-Type Testing System that Support Boards with Embedded Passive and Active Devices

The 1232 is a bare board tester that utilizes the full range of Hioki’s in-circuit testing technologies to deliver LSI reliability testing, complex component separation testing, high continuity and insulation testing, and more.


Key Features

  • (Double-sided alignment)Testable board dimensions: 50 × 50 to 330 × 330 mm (including clamp area)
  • Support for build-up boards that require resistance guarantees the combination of theoretical resistance values generated by SIM-LINE with high-precision, 4-terminal resistance measurement assures pattern reliability
  • Support for boards with embedded passive and active devices thanks to measurement expertise developed in connection with Hioki in-circuit testers
  • Support for CSP/CPU quarter-panel boards with large, 340 × 330 mm working area
  • Support for flexible boards: Model 1232-11 supports thin boards down to 0.05 mm. Tension clamps can secure even flexible boards in a stable manner