Flying Probe Tester FA1817


Detect Latent Defects on High-Density Printed Wiring Boards with Absolute Reliability


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The FA1817 is a fixtureless, dual-sided, bare board tester that provides superior cost performance and quick inspection yield thanks to advanced probe movement technology. Using a total of four arms, two in front and two in back, it is capable of simultaneously testing both sides of the board, provides open via detection via low resistance testing.


Key Features

  • Optimization of probe movement reduces inspection time by up to 20%

  • Reduce probe marks in combination with the latest probes

  • Fault analysis using newly developed “Process Analyzer”


Never Miss Out on Latent Defects on High Density Printed Wiring Boards

With a dedicated board and proprietary 4-wire probes, you can now quickly and accurately detect minute resistances characteristic of open vias. To measure high insulation resistance, use the newly developed 100GΩ/250V super megohm board that minimizes stress from high applied voltage to deliver damage-free, rapid results. In addition, the built-in “Process Analyzer” lets you batch load accumulated inspection results to easily create statistical reports out of the data. Present data trends and view histograms from the results captured with each inspection step, make distribution maps, and draw other charts to visually data graphically in order to analyze defects and provide feedback to upstream design and manufacturing processes, ultimately helping to improve the quality and yield of PWBs.