Inspection Solutions YSi-V


High-end Hybrid optical inspection system (AOI)

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YSi-V 12M Type HS2 is the Yamaha high-end hybrid Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system. This AOI is employing a newly developed high-speed, high-resolution image processing technology with an exclusive image capture technology. This inspection system is equipped with three functions for high-speed, high-resolution inspection: 2D + 3D inspection, laser height measurement and 4D diagonal angled image inspection.


Features of YSi-V

  • Automatic optical inspection performing 2-dimensional inspections, 3-dimensional inspections, and 4-direction oblique image inspections all in one unit! It has more than double the inspection capability of ordinary inspection systems.
  • 2D: high-speed, high-resolution 2-dimensional inspections
  • 3D: height, and sloped surface 3-dimensional inspections (option)
  • 4D: 4-way angular camera (option)