Inspection Solutions YSi-X


3D-Xray Hybrid Inspection System

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Yamaha has invented the automated 3D X-ray and optical Hybrid Inspection System “YSi-X”. This is a multi-function 3D X-ray hybrid-type inspection system capable of complete in-line inspection of all facets of printed circuit boards. Thanks to a 3D X-ray inspection function through newly developed Yamaha-exclusive high-speed X-ray laminography imaging technology and multiple inspection functions utilizing optics and lasers, the YSi-X is achieving the highest level of 3D X-ray inspection speed in the industry at 3.3 sec/FOV and is lengthening the service life of the X-ray source and X-ray tubes.


Features of YSi-X

  • Ideal for 100% 3D X-ray inspection of onboard automotive products and many other items by 3D X-rays acquire layered of target
  • Switchable tube voltage: 130 KV (onboard vehicle use), 110 KV (household use), 70 KV (device use)
  • Select the type you need X-ray detector: type A (high resolution type), type B (long service life type), or type D (wide-angle high-speed type)
  • X-ray, optical, infrared, and laser height measurement as standard test equipment; hybrid and high reliability with multiple inspection modes