S3088 SPI – 3D SPI


High performance 3D solder paste inspection with Quality Uplink



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Reliable 3D SPI with Quality Uplink, process control and DualView

  • Precise control of all essential 3D features; calibration-free
  • Extremely high throughput due to FastFlow Handling
  • Integrated height tracking 
  • Viscom Quality Uplink: process optimization and first-pass yield increase
  • Simple process analysis with the Viscom Uplink Analyzer
  • Fast program generation 
  • Print optimization through interlinkage with printer (closed loop)



  • Freely configurable interfaces to connect various modules
  • Communication with MES systems
  • Label printers and bad board markers control
  • Intelligent FIFO buffer control
  • Preparation, storage and printing of error logs
  • Flexible single- and multi-line utilization of the verification and repair station
  • Management monitoring through Viscom SPC
  • User-friendly real image display providing a better verification
  • Long Board Option for longer PCBs available