Electrical Steel Sheet Tester DAC-BHW-6





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The Steel Sheet Tester Model DAC-BHW-6 is capable of measuring magnetic flux density (B), magnetizing force (H) and core loss (W) of an electromagnetic steel sheet (a single strip sheet).
With PC software, a hysterics curve is drawn in a PC, and the data can be saved and recalled for the further analysis.


Test Specimens

Oriented and non-oriented core in sheet



  • Magnetic flux sine wave even in high magnetic flux density field.
  • Measurement at frequency of 50, 60, 100, 200 and 400Hz.
  • B-H curve observation in a PC.
  • PC software for various graphs processing and data analysis.
  • Discrimination graph of Iron loss to see eddy current loss and hysteresis loss separately.
  • Closely coincident results with data obtained by Epstein Method.
  • No influence by gaps in magnetic path by introducing the original magnetic circuit.
  • Easy and simple operation from LCD touch screen.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Manual and Auto Sample testing.


Various graph processing (Software)

 B-H Graph : B-H Characteristics (flux density vs. magnetizing force)
B-W Graph : B-W Characteristics (flux density vs. core loss)
W-F Graph : W-F Characteristics (iron loss vs. frequency)
μ-F Graph : µ-F Characteristics* (permeability vs. frequency) *µ is calculated from B/H.
W Discrimination: Eddy current loss and Hysteresis loss are discriminated from Iron loss.