• Heavy-duty Desoldering Tool with built-in vacuum pump
  • Quick and secure desoldering even on high heat capacity and high heat dissipation PWB with super power
  • Secure desoldering with valve function
  • Solder clogging was reduced featuring Anti Clogging Function


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300 W tremendous power enables nearly impossible desoldering on PWB with high heat capacity and high heat dissipation property.

  • 300 W tremendous power makes incredible heating.


  • Secure Desoldering, valve function that suctions with high pressure

    Suction starts 0.2 seconds after pulling the trigger for instance and high pressure suction to achieve complete desoldering.


  • Reduction of solder clogging

    Improved heating ability and ACF* ensure suctioned solder be carried to filter pipe and reduce solder clogging.


  • Selecting the right nozzle for your workpiece is very important for quality of desoldering !

    It is important to heat a land of PWB and a component lead with a nozzle at the same time when desoldering.
    Selection of the right nozzle shape is critical to eansuring the quality of work inappropriate nozzles can decrease work efficiency and damage PWB.
    The nozzle lineup for FR-400 covers a variety of desoldering works, such as large DIA leads and flat type terminals.


  •  Quick nozzle replacement with special tool

    Nozzle Quick Changer compatible handle (FR-4003) enables one-action nozzle replacement


  • Improvement in maintainability

    ·Easy heater replacement

    Remove 3 screws to replace heating element 

    ·Tool box for maintenance kit

    A tool box that contains of maintenance tools such as cleaning pins for nozzle and heating core is provided for standard. The box can be set on the top of the unit for the convenience of use.

    ·Featuring new filter pipe 3 times larger than the previous model

    The new filter pipe is 3 times larger than the previous model and applicable to operation on large components. This is not disposal type and for repeatable use

    ·Larger filer and more transparency

    When desoldering, flux is also suctioned. Flux can cause degradation of suction performance if it enters inside the pump. To avoid the degradation, filter is attached on the front panel. The new filter is larger than the previous type to enhance greater adsorption property. Also the transparent filter cover makes it easy to check filter condition.