Coil Testers & Power Supply Units POB II Series

DV Power

A power supply unit with AC and DC coils’ outputs and DC motor output.

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The Coil Testers & Power Supply Units POB II series are a powerful and lightweight (only 11 kg / 24.3 lbs) tools for testing circuit breakers where a substation battery is not available.

POB30AD and POB40AD are unique devices in the market due to their dual purpose.

POB II Series as a Power Supply Unit for Coils and Spring-Charging Motors

POB30AD and POB40AD can be used as a DC and AC power supply units for circuit breakers during commissioning and regular maintenance testing. The typical application covers scenarios when substation battery is not connected or available. An advantage over substation battery is enabled testing in under-voltage and over-voltage conditions. Furthermore, the stable voltage outputs enable an analysis of the coil and motor current graphs recorded with circuit breaker analyzers from different vendors.

The outputs features are stated below:

  • Four separate DC and AC coil outputs for power supply of opening and closing coils (10 V – 300 V DC or 10 V – 250 V AC; up to 15 A).
  • DC motor output capable to withstand a starting (inrush) currents up to 30 A (POB30AD) and 40 A (POB40AD) at voltage range 10 V – 300 V. With the use of this output, POB can also be used as a power source or a temporary battery charger.

POB II Series as a Coil Tester

To ensure that a circuit breaker operation is guaranteed under the most severe conditions placed upon the substation tripping supply, the circuit breaker trip coils are required to work with a minimum tripping voltage much below the nominal battery voltage. The POB II series have built-in capability to perform the automatic test of Minimum Trip Voltage according to international standards such as IEC 62271-100, ANSI C37.09.