ESD Test & Measurement Equipment

ESD Test & Measurement equipment | ESD Audit Control devices

Static Electricity is a major problem that has seriois impact on product quality, throughput and worker safety in many industries. In electronics and media, ESD Electrostatic Discharge affects semiconductor manufacturing, electronics assembly, flat panel display & hard disk drive production, and film processing. In industrial, food, telecom, textile, packaging, chemical, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, static electricity creates problems with cling and particulates such as in the processing of paper, fabrics, plastics, powders and other materials.

Which ESD Test, measurement and controle devices will be needed:

EPA Access Control System;
Access control suitable for ESD shoes and safety wrist bands (fully electrical);
ESD measuring and test instruments;
ESD personnel grounding tester;
Functional tests of wrist straps and ESD shoes;
Digital high resistance meter;
Probe suitable for resistance to ground and surface resistance measurements;
Ring probe for surface resistance and volume measurements;
ESD measuring and test instruments;
Charged-Plate Monitor CPM;
Electrostatic field-meter;
Surface Resistance/Resistivity Measurements;
ESD Test Equipment, ESD Audit Equipment;
Locate and Measure Static Charge Levels;
ESD Event Detector;
Ionization Calibration and Auditing;
Material Dissipation Testing;
Site Specific Contacting Voltage Measurement.