Cutting and Stripping Machine SAM1


Automatic cutting and stripping of wires with small cross sections



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Processing of wires with small cross sections


Adjustable parameters

The SAM1 was designed as a small and efficient bench-top wire processing machine. The machine is equipped with a microprocessor control and the data such as cutting and stripping length, wire size, speed etc. is entered. The wire feed speed, zero cut, wire marking positions and wire length calibration can also be entered.

The unit of length measuring as well as the operator language can easily be selected.


High production rate

The 4-blade cutting head allows for simultaneous stripping of the leading and trailing end of the wire. As a result, the production rate can be increased by more than 1000 pcs/hr (in comparison to the 1-blade mode).

In addition, wires with an insulation length of approx. 18 mm can be stripped as a standard.


Simple change-over

The roller and drive belt pressure can be adjusted independently according to the material being processed. The guide tubes can be changed within seconds and no tools are required.


Wide range of applications

The machine is suited for automatic cutting and stripping of single wire up to 6 mm² as well as round cable with a maximum outside diameter of 6 mm.

The machine can handle different insulation material such as PVC, Teflon and Silicon.

With an optionally available guide and blade kit, flat ribbon cable with a maximum width of 8 mm can also be processed.


Conform with the machinery directive

The crimping machine fully complies with all CE and EMC machine guidelines (mechanical and electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility).