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Contact DWF5 is the evolution of Contact ST5 model, but it is equipped with a double system of wire feeding

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CONTACT DWF5 is the evolution of CONTACT ST5 model, but it is equipped with a double system of wire feeding. In fact, this model can provide two wires of different color and/or section to improve the performaces of this machine. Its standard features are the same of CONTACT ST5 model.
CONTACT DWF5 can be equipped up to three terminating units and up to two seal or sleeve insertion units and tinning stations. As each model of ST5 SERIES its crimping units (20 kN – 30 kN) can be integrated with a crimping force monitoring to guarantee a perfect quality and at the same time to give information about the output. Our system doesn’t reduce in any way the piece output of the machine. Another option available is our Dual device that allows double crimp connections in either a horizontal and a vertical arrangement as required. It can be equipped with a wire feeding system by four rollers (standard feature) or a wire feeding system by belts (on request).
The user’s interface, on Windows, oversees all different functions, making our Contact DWF5 a powerful but user-friendly machine. To reduce the adjustment times, an unlimited number of different part numbers can easily be stored and retrieved, all settings are electronicallyn performed and all parameters are automatically optimized.


Power supply 3+N x 400VAC 50/60 Hz
Compressed air supply, bar 6/7 bar – 90 Nl/min
Power consumption, kw max 6 kw
Noise level < 80Db(A) with 2 crimping unit Wire cross-section 0,13 - 6 mmq Wire feeding speed max 8 m/s (feeding system by belt) - max 12 m/s (feeding system by roller) Stripping length 0-15 mm SIDE 1 (opt. 30) - 0-15 mm SIDE 2 Wire length Min. lenght 60 mm (opt. 30 mm) - Max. lenght 99 m - Resolution 0,1 mm Weight 1100 kg Weight with packing 1400 kg Dimensions mm 3450 x 2350 x 1750 h