Crimping Machine Megomat 1000


Fully automatic processing of wires with cross sections of 0.08 – 8 mm² for special applications


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Model for special applications in wire processing


Megomat product family

Schäfer offers fully automatic crimping machines for high productivity and various applications.

On a modular platform different variants of machines were developed, to achieve maximum flexibility and meet customer specific requirements. Safety was the focus, by using actual machinery directives while also minimizing set-up times.

Ergonomic perfection has been achieved through the work station configuration and the addition of storage systems for tools and spare parts. On this platform, Schäfer offers machine variants which include entry and standard models for specific industries also customer-specific models for advanced individual solutions.


Classification of the machine

The Megomat 1000 crimping machine is a customer-specific model and serves individual applications.

For example the integration of customer specific stations, the extension of additional machine units to build a production line or the implementation of further software functions. The high-quality components and robust machine design provides highest product quality, maximum productivity and durability.


Processing in high quality

To ensure the product quality, Schäfer offers different optional components. The crimp force monitoring reliably evaluates the quality of crimp connections. The wire quality monitoring system reports bad parts due to faulty stripping. The optical cable quality monitor checks produced cables.


Various options for specific applications

Schäfer offers optional equipment to meet specific needs. For minimizing set-up times, the wire straightener and applicator-shuttle system is available.


Base equipment

  • Base frame including control cabinet
  • Station tables and operating desk
  • Wire straightener and swivel arms
  • Programmable wire feeder
  • Programmable cut and strip module
  • Blade assembly and bad part cutter
  • Pneumatic machine guard
  • PC with touch screen display
  • Machine software WireStar20
  • Networking and interfacing functions


Optional extensions

  • Crimping station EPS 2025
  • Seal Module SSM
  • Tinning station
  • Double wire straightener
  • Crimp height adjustment
  • Press height adjustment
  • Wire stacking module
  • Carrier strip chopper
  • Wire doubling module
  • Applicator shuttle
  • Crimp force monitoring
  • Cable quality monitoring
  • Conductor quality monitoring