Crimping Applicators





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Schäfer crimping applicators are suitable for making reliable connections between terminals and wires of different cross sections. With the swivel head included in the standard scope of supply, the crimping height can be accurately adjusted in steps of 0.02 mm in both the wire and the insulation area.

Standard applicators with mechanical or pneumatic feed mechanism are available for common crimp processes. For development of new models, Schäfer can draw upon a vast experience to meet specific customer needs. Crimping applicators equipped with upstream bending modules for terminal forming, simultaneous processing of two terminals or connecting machined terminals in fourpoint applicators are examples of special solutions.


Product Examples

Applicator 21.100

Applicator for crimping with pneumatic feeding of the terminals


Applicator 30.2001

Applicator for crimping with mechanic feeding of the terminals


Individual applicator

Applicator for crimping power plugs without feeding of terminals