Handheld Disconnector Analyzer DIS-H

DV Power

DIS-H is designed for testing disconnectors operated by an electric motor drive.

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Handheld disconnector analyzer DIS-H is a digital instrument for measuring electrical power and the operating time of a disconnecting motor drive. It is specially designed for testing of disconnectors that are operated by an electric motor drive.

The DC current flowing through the motor is measured by a DC Current Clamp which provides the recordings of the motor current waveform, whereas the DC Voltage is obtained by using sense cables and it provides the accurate measurement of the disconnecting motor drive DC Voltage supply. The recording will be initiated at the moment on which the motor begins with closing or opening a certain disconnector, due to the fact that the motor measurement is triggered with the occurrence of current at the moment when the disconnector is being operated.

Due to the large 5.7” colored touch-screen display, test results are visible in dark places as well as under bright sunlight. Furthermore, the intuitive display can present numerical and graphical results within its layout. This feature enables quick onsite analysis of potential defects of the motor drive.

DIS-H is powered by an internal Li-ion battery that can last up to 8 hours of testing without the need for recharging.

Finally, a user can save the test results to a USB and open the results on the PC by using the DV-Win software for a more detailed analysis.