5025C Multifunction Calibrator

Time Electronics

Time Electronics have a range of multifunction calibrators designed to calibrate both new and traditional test equipment. Models encompass a wide range of capabilities to cover multiple functions. Each calibrator is built to maintain high accuracy and cover a wide calibration workload.

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  • 15ppm precision calibrator
  • Calibrate up to 6.5 digit meters
  • 11 standard functions 
  • 0 - 1050V & 0 - 22A (AC/DC)
  • Resistance & capacitance
  • Thermocouple/PT100 simulation
  • Oscilloscope & power options

High Performance Calibration
A precision multi-product calibrator designed to rapidly calibrate a wide range of test & measurement instruments. With over 11 standard functions the 5025C can accurately test and verify both traditional and new test equipment. It is ideal for companies requiring a calibrator that delivers high performance over wide conditions, with excellent capabilities, functionality, and features for ease of use.

The 5025C multifunction calibrator is fitted with AC/DC voltage to 1050V, AC/DC current to 22A, digital frequency to 10MHz, decade resistance to 1GΩ, simulated variable resistance from 10Ω to 40kΩ, conductance, capacitance, thermocouple and PT100 simulation.

An optional enhanced performance pack enables advanced calibration for up to 6.5 digit multimeters. It provides full range variable resistance to 120MΩ, extended temperature functions, extended capacitance, inductance, additional precision high DCV ranges and increased ACV frequency bandwidth. Also available are oscilloscope and power calibration options.

External adaptors are available for clamp meter calibration (up to 1100A) and optical tachometer calibration. Also available is a power amplifier which increases the 5025C’s AC/DC voltage output drive capabilities to 100mA. This addition allows even the most demanding analogue instruments to be tested.

Wide Workload Coverage
The 5025C is designed for multifunction calibration of various instruments and devices; bench and handheld multimeters, frequency meters, ohm meters, AC/DC millivoltmeters, thermocouple and PT100 meters, clamp meters, and many other measurement devices. By adding internal options the 5025C can calibrate oscilloscopes, timer/counters, power meters and more. 

For more information see the 5025 Series Calibration Capabilities Chart showing the DUT coverage of the 5025E and 5025C calibrators.

Simple Operation
Functions and ranges are easily accessed from the front panel. Increase and decrease keys per digit, are used to quickly set the output value. Deviation control then enables the user to finely adjust the output value as a percentage (+/- 9.999%). All this information is shown on a clear, easy to read LED display.

Virtual Control Software
The 5025C is supplied as standard with Time Electronics’ windows based Virtual Control Software. It allows quick and direct input of any value required. The remote SCPI command is displayed to help users develop custom applications.

EasyCal Calibration Software
Connect the 5025C to a PC/Laptop (via RS-232, USB or GPIB) installed with Time Electronics’ EasyCal software and automate the calibration process. This provides increased speed of calibration and consistency of results. Produce calibration certificates and reports to ISO 9001,ISO 17025, and other international quality standards.