CBP-WW1 Wide Workload CalBench

Time Electronics

As a guideline for customers Time Electronics have configured several packages to cover common industrial calibration applications. Each package is designed to provide the end user with a system for multi product calibration, with modules to cover the testing workload. 

Each package can be customised as required, with a wide range modules and extras available for inclusion into each system.

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About The Wide Workload CalBench

The CBP-WW1 is a CalBench package designed to provide users with a turnkey solution to calibrate instruments and devices used across industries. It offers a selection of features and functions to enable automated calibration using EasyCal software on the 7051Plus multifunction calibrator and control centre module.


• Multi instrument and device testing
• Multifunction calibrator module with 6.5 digit multimeter and PC control centre
• Source and measure voltage, current, resistance, frequency and more
• RTD and thermocouple simulation and measurement
• Automatic pressure controller module for calibration from vacuum to 20 bar
• Regulated pressure calibration module for vacuum to 200 bar
• Precision pressure measurement modules for 2 bar, 100 bar and 700 bar
• Benchtop pumps, pressure adaptor kit and electrical vacuum pump included
• Fixed and variable DC power supply modules for powering devices under test
• Control centre operated 100 MHz oscilloscope
• Temperature interface module for batch thermocouple calibration
• Dry block calibrators for temperature sourcing, automatic control via EasyCal
• Automated calibration using EasyCal software with printers and extras supplied

Calibration Capabilities

Pressure: Gauges, calibrators, transducers, transmitters, indicators, switches, valves, controllers, manometers, chart recorders.
Temperature: Temperature sensors, indicators, thermocouple and RTD transmitters, recorders, controllers, thermometers, process calibrators, PRTs, thermistors.
Electrical / Frequency: Multimeters, AC/DC signal sources, clamp meters, data loggers, tachometers, ohmmeters, decade boxes, RCL meters, conductance meters, inductance meters, oscilloscopes, frequency meters, frequency counters, timer counters.