Handheld Micro-Ohmmeter RMO-H Series

DV Power

Practical handheld micro-ohmmeter with Both Sides Grounded feature generating up to 300 A DC.

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The RMO-H is battery operated and handheld micro-ohmmeter. It is designed for a variety of applications for contact resistance measurement of non-inductive test objects. Typical applications are accurate testing of:

  • medium and high-voltage circuit breakers,
  • disconnecting switches,
  • high-current bus bar joints,
  • cable splices,
  • and different high-current links.

Even more, it accurately measures in high-induction filed environments and substations, as well as in factory testing.

RMO-H Series contains six models in total, divided in 2 sub-series depending on the test leads length requirement and the battery type:

  • RMO-H1, RMO-H2 and RMO-H3 models are intended for use with short cables (e.g. 1,3 m / 3 m / 5 m). The 1-cell Li-Po battery with 8200 mAh capacity provides output voltage up to 4,1 V DC.
  • RMO-H21, RMO-H22 and RMO-H23 models are ideal for applications where test leads with lengths > 5 m are required.  The high output voltage (up to 8,3 V DC) is provided by 2-cells 4100 mAh Li-Po battery.

The test current is regulated and can be selected in a range of 1 A to maximum 300 A, depending on the maximum test current rating:

  • RMO-H1, RMO-H21 models – up to 100 A DC
  • RMO-H2, RMO-H22 models – up to 220 A DC
  • RMO-H3, RMO-H23 models – up to 300 A DC.

Unlike many other handheld micro-ohmmeters available on the market, our instruments have regulated and user-selectable test currents. Therefore, RMO-H instruments generate an automatically regulated test ramp with stable and ripple-free current during measurement. These revolutionary characteristics in a handheld micro-ohmmeters technology are possible by using sophisticated Li-Po batteries. Consequently, modern battery technology enables you to do multiple measurements, and a full day of testing without recharging the battery.

With all RMO-H models, it is possible to make tests on Both Sides Grounded testing objects, in an increased safety environment. Finally, these features in combination with a user-friendly interface (1-click to measure) significantly speed-up testing procedure and make it safer.

These instruments store up to 1000 measurements on the internal micro SD card.

Our free DV Win software communicates with the RMO-H micro-ohmmeters via a wireless Bluetooth interface. Furthermore, it allows you to download test results, analysis and generate fully configurable test reports.