Lamination Stator Tester DAC-LST-3





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DAC-LST-3 is designed to test a lamination stator core of motor. A quality of specimens is judged by comparing values of B (Magnetic Flux Density), H (Magnetizing Force) and W (Iron Loss) between sample and a standard stator core.
Miniaturization of the body has been realized by introducing a PWM inverter source. Testing Frequency is also changeable in range of 50 to 400Hz.
An USB interface is provided as standard, and data acquisition and transmission from a PC is possible.


Test specimen

Lamination Stator-Core of Motor



  • Magnetic characteristic (B-H-W) can be judged by easy operation, and management of quality of stator cores is possible.
  • The frequency of the exciting power supply in range of 50 Hz to 400 Hz.
  • Adjustment of the exciting power supply can be performed smoothly.
  • Judgment result with a preset value and a measurement value is displayed intelligibly on a LCD panel.
  • Acquisition of measuring data and transmission of preset values from a PC is possible by using USB interface.