Winding Tester DAC-PG-3F





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The DAC-PG-3F is impulse test equipment for testing of low-voltage rotator windings.
The equipment is composed of a surge impulse generator circuit, phase selector unit (selection between U, V and W), and waveform recorder circuit to provide a differential method type of impulse testing instrument.
A TFT (thin film transistor) liquid crystal display (LCD) is integrated for waveform measurement, offering excellent view ability of waveforms. Waveforms are stored in digital format, allowing observation and comparison of waveforms even at lower frequencies of pulse generation, which contributes to the elimination of unwanted stresses on specimens.
The testing phase selector unit in the equipment provides simple testing.



  • High-precision and reproducible observations due to the integrated digital waveform capturing circuitry
  • Not susceptible to effects of magnetic fields due to the integrated LCD
  • Compact and lightweight due to the semiconductor switches
  • Simple design, leading to ease of operation suited for field observation
  • Compatible with medium capacitance specimens with use of higher impulse energy



  • Self comparison mode
    Waveforms are recorded through automatic selection between the phases of three-phase motors to allow comparison of waveforms between the individual phases.
    Waveforms are superimposed using color-coding for the three phases, ensuring ease of comparison.
  • Difference comparison mode Individual phases are displayed based on their differences from the reference phase. This allows comparison between waveforms with greater accuracies.
  •  Waveform superimposition mode Waveforms are displayed superimposed for a certain time. This helps identify variations in waveforms.