Micro-Ohmmeter RMO-G Series with Both Sides Grounded Safety

DV Power

Portable micro-ohmmeter for with Both Sides Grounded and Remote Control features generating up to 800 A.

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The RMO-G is a portable micro-ohmmeter designed for contact resistance measurement of non-inductive test objects and applications with increased safety requirement. It tests medium and high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, high-current bus bar joints, cable splices, and different high-current links. Due to its Both Sides Grounded and Remote Control functionalities, the instrument accurately measures even in the most demanding environments, providing additional safety to testing personnel.

The RMO800G is the most powerful portable micro-ohmmeter on the market with 800 A output current. RMO200G is our best seller in the USA. A user can choose the appropriate model depending on the output current requirement, from 100 A (RMO100G) to 800 A (RMO800G).

We use an unbreakable plastic case with IP67 protective rating (with closed lid) for instruments’ housing. Although very portable and lightweight, RMO-G micro-ohmmeters have very high output power capabilities. High output voltage enables a wider measurement range at higher test currents. Consequently, it enables the usage of thinner/longer test cables. RMO-G generates a true DC ripple-free (less than 1 % ripple) current with automatically regulated test ramps. During the testing, it increases current before measuring and decreases current after the measurement. This significantly decreases magnetic transients and ensures great accuracy.

Special current clamps measure a current through groundings when the instrument tests in Both Sides Grounded conditions. The instrument itself powers these clamps. If even higher safety level is required, the Remote Control feature enables the operator to perform measurements from distant locations.

RMO-G instruments can store up to 500 measurements in internal memory. Also, they have a built-in thermal printer and USB flash drive available as an option. An additional option is the built-in High Precision module suitable for measurement of very low resistance, in the range from 1 to 30 µ?, with 0,01 µ? resolution.

Our free DV Win software communicates with the RMO-G micro-ohmmeters via USB or RS232 interface. It allows a user to run the test remotely from a PC. Also, a user can download test results, analyze and generate fully configurable test reports through the software.