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Features and Benefits

The FPA-12/066F is a PD free AC hipot test set provides continuously adjustable output voltages for overvoltage withstand testing of the following:

  • Motor windings
  • Generator windings
  • Bus duct switchgear
  • Circuit breakers
  • Reclosers
  • Vacuum bottles
  • Hot sticks
  • Other high voltage insulation requiring AC



  • Continuously adjustable output voltage
  • Adjustable overload, 10-110% of rated output current
  • Fixed 120% primary overload
  • Zero start and external interlock provision
  • Keyed EMERGENCY OFF pushbutton
  • Top mounted safety lights indicating POWER ON and HIGH VOLTAGE ON conditions
  • Secondary connected analog voltmeter, TWO range scale
  • Triple range analog current meter
  • Dual full kVA output 0-12 kV AC, 500 mA, and 0-6 kV AC, 1000 mA
  • Guard/ground return mode switch
  • Burn reactor with ON/OFF switch
  • One-piece mobile design in heavy-duty hand truck type cabinet (215 lbs.)
  • Transit protected meters prevent meter damage between test sites