PAR Series


PAR Series – AC Dielectric Testers using Parallel Resonant Technology



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Features and Benefits

The PAR Series models are high voltage AC Dielectric Test Sets used for testing many types of utility substation apparatus, aerial lifts, cables, and other loads requiring AC voltage to perform Withstand/Proof testing and Diagnostic testingPartial Discharge and Tan Delta/Power Factor testing. This model line provides a high power and high voltage AC output like conventional 50/60 Hz. test sets. However, the PAR Series is of unique design intended to test highly capacitive apparatus and cables. Its design tests these loads while minimizing the input power, size, weight, and cost of the supply. The PAR Series uses Resonant Technology, specifically: Variable Inductance Parallel Resonance.


Technology Overview

Resonance Technology is used to AC test highly capacitive electrical apparatus or power cable using 50/60 Hz. power frequency. The charging currents of these capacitive loads are typically very high, requiring AC hipots to be rated for hundreds of kVA in power. Resonant technology uses basic and long proven electrical principles for its design and operation to reduce the levels of power consumption needed, permitting high voltage AC testing to be performed more economically than otherwise possible. Using the PAR Series, the input current required of the supply is typically 10x – 30x less than if conventional fixed inductance power supplies were used. The HV transformer, or reactor, design includes a variably adjustable air gapped steel core to alter the Inductance of the system to compensate for the Capacitance of the load tested. The intention is to create a controlled resonance situation where L = C, leaving only the resistive elements of the load needing current/power from the test set.