Portable AC Hipot for Apparatus Testing



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Features and Benefits

Portable AC Hipot for Apparatus Testing

The PFT Series of portable AC hipot test sets are ideal for a variety of field and repair shop testing applications. These inexpensive, compact and light weight units are rugged and reliable. Our 3 kVA models feature capacitive load compensation enabling full load testing with a power draw of 1.5 kVA while operating from a conventional line input.* Models below 100 kVac are single piece units with a shielded cable output for fast and easy test setup. The PFT-103CM, PFT-303CM, PFT-503CM, and PFT-1003CM are compensated enabling testing of 3 kVA loads with a power draw of 1.5 kVA and operate from a conventional electrical source*. In addition, these units include a dual range kilovolt meter, triple range output current meter and a guard/ground return mode enabling the operator to measure the total current to ground or only the current flowing through the sample under test.

The PFT-103CM(F) AC hipot test set provides continuously adjustable output voltages for overvoltage withstand testing of the following:

  • Switchgear
  • Circuit breakers
  • Reclosers
  • Vacuum bottles
  • Hot sticks
  • Motor windings
  • Other high voltage insulation requiring AC



  • Continuously adjustable output voltage
  • Fixed overload, factory set to 120% of rated output current
  • Zero start and external interlock provision
  • Secondary connected dual-range voltmeter
  • Three-range current meter with isolated guard/ground return circuit
  • Capacitive load compensation
  • Shielded output cable
  • One-piece portable design
  • Automatic transit protected meters
  • Rugged case with cushion grips
  • Simple controls