Electronic Burden for Instrument Transformer DAC-PBVC-8





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DAC-PBVC-8 is a burden device for error test of both instrument voltage transformers (VT) and current transformers (CT).
The device creates the “specified burden” by specifying both the “burden VA” and the “Burden power factor” for VT or CT to be tested.
DAC-PBVC-8, a compact, lightweight and power-saving burden with USB and GP-IB interfaces, can help you to accomplish error tests readily and smoothly.



  • Usable for both voltage transformers (VT) and current transformers (CT).
  • Allows the setting of perfectly low burdens (zero burdens).
  • Allows the setting in increments as small as 0.001 VA to the maximum of 100VA.
  • Lead-wire compensation is available as maximum 1 ohm with a four-terminal connection.
  • Up to 100 sets of test conditioning parameters can be stored.



Rated Secondary voltage : VT MODE : 110/√3V and 110V
Rated Secondary Current : CT MODE : 1A and 5A

Test voltage :
VT MODE : 2 to 120% of the rated Sec. Voltage
CT MODE : 1 to 120% of the rated Sec. Current

Burden Power factor : 0.20(lagging) - 1 - 0.80 (leading)
Burden VA to be set : 0.000 to 100.0 VA
Lead-wire compensation : 0 to 1.000Ω under CT mode