Super High Efficiency Dual Lane Modular YRM20DL


The 1 head solution has reached an ultimate stage. A dual-lane surface mounter delivering great productivity, flexibility and ability to take on PCB.

  • 1 head solution provides broad-range production capability
  • Solution for variable-mix, variable volume production
  • High accuracy mounting and steady production of micro components
  • High-efficiency production with various features

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Super high-speed rotary RM head achieves 120,000CPH

Rotary head boosts component mountability of tiny components. This maintains high speed production since head replacements are no longer needed. This is technology that helps carry on the 1 head solution concept. This head can handle components ranging from super-tiny 0201mm components on up to medium-sized odd-shaped components of 12 x 12mm dimensions with heights of 6.5mm

Produces L-size PCB of up to L810×W330mm in Dual-lane. Can increase PCBs to be picked up and carriers transported, raising production efficiency.

High accuracy mounting level of ±15μm (Cpk≧1.0)

Machine vibration controlled with a very stiff base, etc., and adjustment accuracy improved with Coord MACS, achieving a high accuracy mounting level of ±15μm.