Premium Printer YRP10


High-speed、high-quality printer that achieves completes automatic setups and changeovers.
It also supports both single lane and dual lane production.

  • High-speed printing performance Core cycle time: 6 seconds
  • Printing accuracy μ±6σ : ±16μm Cpk≧2.0
    (Measured using CeTaQ under optimum conditions of YAMAHA)
  • Completely automated setups and changeovers
  • Dual lane fully independent production

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Delivers both high quality & super-accurate printing

Program change squeegee attack angle and speed to an ideal setting to provide optimal printing conditions that match the solder being used.

A stencil vacuum mechanism delivers consistent high accuracy printing with no effects from stencil droop. Also drastically cuts the setup time since no offset entry is needed during back and forth printing movement.

Printer's built-in inspection camera

Supports full-on pro-level inspections with a dedicated camera. Feedback from inspection results allow over-printing and stencil cleaning

Push-up pins for high-density PCBs

Possible to arrange up to 200 pins. In addition to a 5 mm-pitched matrix plate, a 2.5 mm-pitched matrix plate with a higher degree of arrangement freedom is also available as an option.

Dual lane fully independent production

Connecting two YRP10s in series enables a fully independent dual-lane operation. A dual-lane operation and an automatic changeover feature are supported at the same time. Addition of a traverse conveyor flexibly connects the YRP10s to the downstream equipment.

Large PCBs the size of up to L420 × W330 mm can be produced in a dual lane. You can increase the number of PCBs to take and the number of PCBs to be conveyed by the carrier, boosting production efficiency.

M2M link solution

Possible to clean the stencil and correct its position using inspection result feedback via the link with the SPI.

Solder paste printing analysis

Displays link between fluctuations in solder size and solder paste printing status and allows checking the solder paste printer status when defects or problems occur. Streamline quality improvements and line operating rate