SPS5000X Series wide range programmable Switching DC Power Supply

Siglent Technologies Co.

Main Features:

  • Rated Output Voltage:40V, 50V, 80V, 160V
  • Rated Output Power:180W, 360W, 720W, 1080W
  • Wide range of output voltage and current, high efficiency power supply
  • CV, CC priority mode selection, better protection of equipment under test
  • Configurable three-channel timing output
  • 170° wide viewing angle OLED screen, remote web control

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Multi-combination output
The SPS5000X series includes a variety of output voltages (40V, 50V, 80V, 160V) and current combinations (7.5A~90A), and the rated output power includes 180W, 360W, 720W, and 1080W. The single-channel model can support up to 2 units in series and 3 units in parallel, and the dual-channel and three-channel models can also support series-parallel connection between channels.
Constant Output Power
In constant output power mode, the voltage and current range is switched automatically to maximize the voltage and current without sacrificing the supply's output power. This mode enables the supply to provide a higher output voltage at lower current and a higher output current at lower voltage. Compared to the traditional rectangular output range of most supplies, the SPS5000X series power supply provides a wider voltage and current output range, which greatly increases the utilization of the power supply.
LIST timing output
The SPS5000X series supports up to three channels and up to 50-step timing output. The user can set the timing output parameters on the front panel of the machine, or use the remote web control function for faster and more convenient settings. Under the LIST function, you can set the output current, voltage, output delay time, duration, rise and fall slope and other parameters.
CV/CC Priority Mode
When the SPS5000X series power supply is set to CC priority mode, at the power output-on stage, it is able to operate under CC priority to limit the inrush current spike and overshoot voltage effectively when the power output is turned on.
In CV priority mode, the output voltage reaches the set voltage value quickly. In some applications, such as LED testing, when the power output is started, the surge current and overshoot voltage will appear when the voltage reaches the on-state voltage of the LEDs.
Multiple Policy Protection Patterns
The protection functions of the power supply include over current protection (OCP), over voltage protection (OVP) and over temperature protection (OTP). If protection occurs, the power supply will turn off the output and enter protection mode. Protection can be released by pressing the Esc key for at least 2 seconds. Upon entering the Limited power protection (LPP), the system will start the power limitation mode, the maximum output power is about 105% of the rated power.

Output channel 1/2/3 channel; 40 V/50 V/80 V/160 V; 180 W/360 W/720 W/1080 W
Display 2.4-inch OLED high brightness liquid crystal display
Resolution   1 mV/1 mA
Setting Accuracy Voltage Accuracy:
40/50/80 V model 0.1%±10 mV;
160 V model 0.1%±100 mV;
Current Setting Accuracy:
40 V   30/60/90 A/   model 0.1%±30/60/100 mA
50 V    model 0.1%±10 mA
80 V   15/30/45 A    model 0.1%±10/30/40 mA
160 V 7.5/15/22.5 A model 0.1%±5/15/20 mA
Readback Accuracy Voltage Readback Accuracy:
40/50/80 V model 0.1%±20 mV
160 V model 0.1%±100 mV
Current Readback Accuracy:
40 V 30/60/90 A model 0.1%±40/70/100 mA
50 V    model 0.1%±20 mA
80 V 15/30/45 A model 0.1%±20/40/50 mA
160 V 7.5/15/22.5 A model 0.1%±5/15/20 mA
C.V Mode
Line Regulation 40 V model 18 mV
50 V model 3 mV
80 V model 40 mV
160 V model 80 mV
(Constant load, 90 ~ 132Vac or 170 ~ 265Vac)
Load Regulation 40 V model 20 mV
50 V model 10 mV
80 V model 40 mV
160 V model 80 mV
(From no load to full load,  constant input voltage)
Ripple and Noise p-p 
50 V model 45 mV
40/80/160V 360W model 60 mV
40/80/160V 720W model 80 mV
40/80/160V 1080W model 100 mV
50 Vmodel5 mV
40/80V 360W model 7 mV
40/80V 720W model 11 mV
40/80V 1080W model 14 mV
160V 360W model 12 mV
160V 720W model 15 mV
160V 1080W model 20 mV
Transient response time 40/50 /80 V model 1 ms
160V model 2 ms
C.C Mode
Line Regulation 50 V model 8 mA
40 V model 40/75/110 mA
80 V model 18/32/45 mA
160 V model 12/19/26 mA
Load Regulation 50 V model 10 mA
40 V model 40/75/110 mA
80 V model 18/32/45 mA
160 V model 12/19/26 mA
Ripple and Noise r.m.s
50 V model 10 mA
40 V model 72/144/216 mA
80 V model 27/54/81 mA
160 V model 15/30/45 mA
Series/Parallel Mode
Max. units in series 2
Max. units in parallel 3
CC/CV priority mode  Support
Web remote control Support
List function Support, up to 50 steps, edit locally or import from USB memory
Rack mount size 1/2,1/3,1/6