Clamp On Leak HiTester 3283


1mA to 200A AC Leakage Current Clamp Meter with 10 µA Resolution to Analyze Distorted Waveforms

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Hioki clamp meters are best-in-class measuring devices incorporating Hioki’s expertise in current sensing technology. The Hioki 3283 series are leakage current handheld clamp meters with a 10mA to 200A range and 10 μA resolution. Model 3283 has output capabilities for advanced monitoring on recording equipment, and Model 3283-20 complies with EN 61010-2-032:2012 Type A standards to measure uninsulated hazardous live conductors such as busbars.

CAT III 300 V: 3283-20


Key Features

• Measure leak current using highly sensitive 10μA resolution (at 10.00 mA range)

• Indicate 50/60 Hz leak current components with the filtering function

• Monitor leak current conditions in combination with a Memory HiCorder (monitor output, Model 3283 only)

• 3283-20: EN 61010-2-032:2012 Type A to measure uninsulated hazardous live conductors such as busbars