Pen-type Digital Multimeter, DMM | Pencil HiTester 3246-60


Pencil-style Pocket Digital Multimeter for General Electrical Maintenance, Testing and Hobbyists

The 3246-60 is a pencil-style digital multimeter for general electrical maintenance and testing, and includes a brilliant LED at the pen tip for a clear view of the measurement target. CAT IV 300 V, CAT III 600 V

Key Features

• Test lead and main unit in a single body

• Overload protection to 600 V at resistance or continuity functions

• LED light brightly illuminates test points

• Easy-to-use pen-type tester featuring a slim profile

• Backlit display that’s easy to read even in dim locations

• Pen tip with an integrated LED light that’s convenient when working in dim locations

• Space for stowing test leads on the back of the instrument

• Available in black and see-through designs

• Auto-power-save function to prevent battery wear