Precision C & tand Meter DAC-PSC-20W





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Introducing a current transformer type comparator bridge, DAC-PSC-20W gives automatic comparative measurement of a specimen (Cx) and the standard capacitor (Cs). The minimum resolution of tanδ is 0.001%. By selecting a standard capacitor, test voltage can be applied to a specimen at wide ranges from low to high voltage, and Capacitance can be also widely measured from small to large capacity.
Capacitance ranges can be further extended by using extension CT.


Test Specimen

Phase-advancing Capacitors, Capacitors for Electronics



  • Precise measurement of Capacitance and tanδ
  • Wide Range Measurement: Capacitance 50pF - 10μF (Max 10000µF when with expanding CT 1000:1)
  • Testing Voltage AC10V - 600kV
  • Minimum Resolution of tanδ: 1×10^-5 (10ppm)