AC Clamp Power Meter CM3286


Quickly Check Current, Voltage, Power, and Power Factor
Detect Electricity Theft and Meter Tampering

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Hioki clamp meters are best in class handheld current and voltage meters for safely and accurately measuring power lines. The CM3286 clamp on power meter can measure voltage, current, power, power factor, phase angle, reactive power or frequency, as well as detect phase sequence on live lines at any desired point of a single-phase circuit or three-phase circuit.


CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V


Key Features

• Display four parameters simultaneously

• A handheld power meter that measures from 5 W of power and 60 mA of current Measure power ranging from 5 W at a low current of 60 mA to 360 kW

• In addition to current, voltage, and power, measure simple integral power consumption and phase sequence

• Features and functions deliver fast and efficient testing

• Hold measured values to send them to a smartphone, quick and easy data recording (CM3286-01 only)


A comment from the Good Design Award 2017

“The CM3286/CM3286-01 offers an extensive range of measurement functionality in a compact footprint, most notably the ability to check for electricity theft in emerging nations. The award recognizes how the product has carried on Hioki’s proven clamp meter design while offering the functionality and ease of use that customers have come to expect from such instruments, along with a highly socially significant design that demonstrates an understanding of how workers check for electricity theft in emerging nations and applies the results of observing how such products are used in the field in order to create a more useful instrument. One hopes that the product will serve to eliminate the problem of electricity theft.”