Instrument Transformer Test Set DAC-VCTT-8





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DAC-VCTT-8 is an automatic balance bridge incorporating a current comparator-type transformer. The meter is desirable for measuring ratio errors and phase angles of instrument transformers according to the international standards IEC 60044-1 and -2. Combining an optional different-ratio adapter, DAC-RAC-2/RAV-2, different-ratio testing is also available.



  • Current transformer (CT) testing in accordance with the current ratio error test of the international standard IEC 60044-1 is available.
  • Voltage transformer (VT) testing in accordance with the voltage error test of the international standard IEC 60044-2 is available.
  • The ratio error, phase displacement, test voltage, test current, and test frequency of CT/VT can be measured.
  • Units of indication, either “%” or “RCF” (Ratio Correction Factor) for the ratio error, and either “Min “(minutes) or “Crad” (centiradians) for the phase angle, are available. Thus, it is appropriate for ANSI/IEEE tests.
  • USB interface is a standard fixture.
  • Error values of standard VT/CT can be registered, and automatically compensated.
  • Registration: 10 units for each VT and CT (Test point: 20 points for every unit)
  • Different-ratio testing is available by incorporating an optional CT or VT different-ratio adapter.
  • An internal burden compensation circuit realizes the internal burden of DAC-VCTT-8 as small as 0.1VA.