Battery Internal Resistance Tester IBAR

DV Power

An instrument for battery internal resistance and voltage measurement.

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DV Power battery internal resistance tester IBAR is a handheld, accurate, and very quick resistance tester. It determines the state of health of batteries by taking measurements of important battery parameters such as battery internal resistance, cell voltage as well as inter-cell connection resistance. IBAR can be used as a support tool during the capacity test for cell voltage measurement.

It is an ideal testing tool for maintenance, troubleshooting, and performance tests on individual stationary batteries and battery packs in critical backup energy solutions. This includes flooded lead-acid, VRLA, Ni-Cd or Li-Ion types of batteries.

IBAR is intended for measurements on fully offline batteries, i.e. batteries disconnected from both the charger and any load.

When a user starts the test, IBAR automatically detects the resistance range. Based on set criteria, it displays a pass/warning/fail indication during the test. Furthermore, it saves all the measurements in the internal memory for later analysis.

Using DV-B Win software, it is possible to download results from the device’s internal memory to a PC and to generate graphical reports for historical trend comparison and further analysis.