Battery Voltage Recorder BVR Series

DV Power

Handheld instruments for manual and extended battery analysis.

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Battery voltage recorders from BVR series are designed to serve as a support tool for cell voltage measurement during battery capacity testing.

During capacity testing, cell voltage, temperature, inter-cell connection voltage, and specific gravity should be measured in order to determine failling cells in the string that should be replaced.

Furthermore, IEEE standards for stationary batteries applications stipulate periodical measurement of overall string voltage, as well as cell voltage and temperature.

The BVR Series is the perfect tool for that purpose. All measurements are automatically saved in device’s internal memory. Additionally, DV-B Win software helps the user to download all measured results. Furthermore, the user can create test reports and export them to various formats.

BVR series includes two models: BVR11 and BVR22. These are rechargeable handheld devices intended for performing monthly battery inspections and support tools during capacity testing. The list of the applications of these instruments includes:

  • Efficient supplement to BLU series of battery load units during battery discharge testing
  • Monthly inspections of large battery banks
  • Ambient temperature measurement
  • Current measurement using current clamps
  • USB and Bluetooth communication with PC
  • Simultaneous string voltage and current measurement to analyze a discharge test process

The BVR22 model provides Bluetooth communication with an external density meter, for transferring electrolyte specific gravity and temperature readings.