Battery Voltage Supervisor BVS Series

DV Power

Instruments for automated cell monitoring.

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DV Power battery voltage supervisor – BVS, is an accurate battery voltage monitoring system that monitors the state of health of battery systems. It records important battery parameters such as battery voltage, inter-cell connection voltage, and ambient temperature. Because of that,  it can be a support tool for capacity testing.

The BVS voltage supervisor is an integrated system consisting of:

  • BVS Control Unit (BVS-CU)
  • Cell Voltage Modules (CVM)
  • String Voltage Module (SVM) (optional)
  • String Current Module (SCM) (optional)

It is an ideal testing tool for maintenance, troubleshooting and performance tests on individual stationary batteries and battery packs in critical backup energy solutions.

BVS-CU provides ambient temperature measurements on multiple locations (4 temperature channels). Overall string voltage and string current monitoring can be achieved by using an optional string voltage module (SVM) and string current module (SCM).

There are two types of DV Power battery voltage supervisors:

  • BVS – One cell voltage module measures 1 cell
  • BVS-4 – One cell voltage module measures 4 cells

CVM modules detect cells that fail a discharge test based on monitored voltage values. As a result of that, these cells can be safely removed from the battery string.

Data acquisition and analysis of data collected from the modules are available in the DV-B Win application software suite. They provide data viewing, tracking, and generation of comprehensive reports.